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Dave & Riki live in Peterborough, Ontario.Order from Canada by calling +1 705-874-0762
If you live in Canada, you can jump right past the international postage. The best way to order from Canada is just to call Dave & Riki at 1-705-874-0762!

The short descriptions below will introduce you the range of Ormus products we offer for sale. If you can’t decide which one would be best for you, Riki will make sure you start out in the right place! And no worries — there are no ingredients in any of the products that are known to be harmful to human beings, pets, or plants.

Just click on any of the product names below. The link will take you to a page that describes that product in more detail. You can read testimonials from customers there too. Then call Dave & Riki at 1-705-874-0762 or at 1-909-271-0252.

A 3-pack containing 2 of any types of Ormus plus 1 bottle of Ormus Magnesium spray is available. You can also buy Ormus Magnesium spray in a 6-pack too.

Ormus Absolute Balance

Product Ormus Absolute Balance

The two Ormuses in Absolute Balance have special properties to pass on to the recipients.

The starting base, M-3, has been infused with these two special batches, yielding a very positive ormus. The name came from repeated comments using the words balance and absolute balance in the description from people who were using it.

Ormus Gold

Product Ormus Gold

Some of the benefits of Ormus Gold are becoming better known. It is an important natural material in which we seem to be chronically deficient. Ormus materials are generally considered to be a fifth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas. plasma, ormus). We know that the ormus materials are repelled by many electro-magnetic fields, and considering how we live today, with our proximity to these fields via cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi, cell towers, power corridors, florescent lights, and other transmitting devices, we need to give this some serious thought.

Ormus Ruby

Product Ormus Ruby

Ormus Ruby is an M-3 with an infusion from an Ormus made at Petroglyphs Park in Ontario at a special native ceremony. Ormus Ruby was originally made specially for children but has shown to have many benefits for people lacking these materials. It is blessed with Peace, Love, Health and Intelligence.

Ormus Sea Water

Product Ormus Sea Water

Ormus Seawater is a gentle way to increase many of our missing ormic minerals. The ormic state of matter has come to the forefront as many of the materials needed for a healthy life both physically and spiritually.

Being seawater based creatures we find that the sea resonates with our material bodies. Our tears perfectly match sea water. Our blood is so close to sea water that many lives were saved in the second world war, with transfusions of filters seawater when blood supplies were unavailable.

Ormus Sea Water x8

Product Ormus Sea Water X8

This particular ormus is made from pure filtered from off of Catalina Island in the Pacific. The water is drawn from 100 feet (30 meters) below the surface. Pollutants usually either float or sink. Today the residual Fukashima contaminants are showing up on west coast beaches as the floating jetsam is dropped on the beach as the water settles through it. Beware that beach surface radiation levels are more than 20 times background in some places.

This Seawater 8X concentrate has hopefully all the minerals naturally in the sea water as well as the Ormic minerals. We are seeing some interesting improvements in health in many aspects as customers relate their experiences.

Ormus M3

Product Ormus M3

Our Humannagold Ormus M-3 is a careful blend made from the extracts of three ancient salts prepared and balanced to have great effect in correcting mineral imbalances. M-3 supplies a broad base of natural ormus minerals with high points of ormus gold, rhodium and iridium in their mono atomic states.

Ormus Magnesium Spray

Product Magnesium Spray

Magnesium is a very essential mineral that all of us need. It also has been shown to reduce muscle and joint pain. This unique blend of Magnesium and Ormus is small and lightweight and yet is a powerful tool for relieving a variety of physical discomforts and more.

Ormus 3-Pack

Choose any two Ormus products and Humanna Gold will add a bottle of our Ormus Magnesium Spray (valued at $15 each) for a 10% total discount!

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