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This derivative of our M3 has been created starting with blessed spring water from north central Ontario Canada. It is empowered (or imprinted) with Peace, Love, Heath, and Intelligence for the end user.



by Dave Kane

This derivative of our M3 starts with blessed spring water from north central Ontario Canada. We empower (or imprint) it with Peace, Love, Heath, and Intelligence for the end user. In addition, we were blessed to be able to make two other separate batches at two other sacred native ceremonies, with permission.

The first was the Native Elders Convention, sunrise ceremony in Peterborough Ontario. This particular morning also coincided with a 4 planet alignment, considered by many to be the beginning of Aquarius. This Ormus was imprinted with Peace, Health and Harmony.

We made the second batch on the evening of the third eclipse, at another Native ceremony in Petroglyffs Park by the 8000 year old teaching rock. This is a rock inscribed with centuries of intergenerational ancient lessons of the Anishnabe People of this region. The Ormus was once again made within the heart of the sacred fire. The ormus was imprinted with Love and Awakening as these people learn their their own origins, It will help us to discover our place.

These two Ormuses have special properties to pass on to the recipients.

The starting base M3 has been infused with these two special batches yielding a very positive ormus. The name came from repeated comments using the words balance and absolute balance in the description of people using it.

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3 reviews for Ormus Absolute Balance

  1. Elena (verified owner)

    First day of using it and I fallen asleep so easily and my mind was clear even during sleep . Total clarity of mind, feel my entire body is warm and happy, my chakras aligned, total sense of balance and this is my first time use it. Totally recommend to anyone that is a deep meditator and also the day to day person that is not since will bring you that clear state of mind . No more busy brain, clear brain! Amazing results!

  2. Crystal

    Hi Riki,

    Just wanted to let you know that I put a few drops of the Ormus on my husband’s knee, which has been bothering him for several months with some kind of cyst according to a doctor and xrays that exercises have not seemed to alleviate. He had surgery on this knee a few years before. The next day he told me that all the pain was gone. Amazing…it is truly miraculous the healing power of Ormus (and my husband tends to be a doubter type…).

    And I have been using it daily under my armpits, as you suggest, and the long delayed and not well flowing manual material I have been struggling with for months seems to be at a new, higher, and clearer vibration that is letting me download it easily.

    I am so grateful….wanted to let you know how powerful Ormus is. Wow.

    Blessings, Crystal

  3. Christina B (verified owner)

    I have used 2 bottles of Absolute Balance. Please check to see if I continue with this product, or move to another. By the way, your products have made a tremendous difference in my son’s life and in the wellbeing of the whole family. Thank you is hardly adequate, but, thank you.

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