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Ormus leads toward balance in right and left brain electrical activity in the alpha and theta ranges. This leads to a greater clarity of thought and decision making, greater patience and a reduction of stress.



by Dave Kane

Some of the benefits of Ormus Gold are becoming better known. It is an important natural material in which we seem to be chronically deficient. Ormus materials are generally considered to be a fifth state of matter(solid, liquid, gas. plasma, ormus). We know that the ormus materials are repelled by many electro-magnetic fields, and considering how we live today, with our proximity to these fields via cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, cell towers, power corridors, florescent lights, and other transmitting devices, we need to give this some serious thought.

Five percent of the human brain and nervous system are composed of ormic materials which we lose due to the ever increasing electro-magnetic proximity. Strong fields can force Ormus, not only from our body, but through steel and even lead by a process called Josephson’s Tunneling. It can be forced through molecular structures. This induction can be caused by our home appliances, particularly transmitting phones and microwaves etc.

Experimenters have reported many changes with ormus supplementations. Hair stops falling out as evidenced by empty hair brushes, skin tags and many moles seem to leave for better venue.Ormus leads toward balance in right and left brain electrical activity in the alpha and theta ranges. This leads to a greater clarity of thought and decision making, greater patience and a reduction of stress.The feeling of balance and clarity becomes the norm as it was originally designed in the human being. Meditation comes more easily, and deeper.

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4 reviews for Ormus Gold

  1. Andrew

    Hi Dave,
    Just wanted to send you a big thank you from the UK for this order. It came very quickly and was so well packaged: thank you very much! The fact that you included the tin and wrapped the items in silver foil was much appreciated.

    As I a complete newcomer to ormus (and this was my first order) I really didn’t know what to expect but I’m glad to say that my sleep patterns have now changed after only a couple of days of taking it – I sleep much deeper and longer than usual and have been intensively dreaming but can’t actually remember them. The important thing is that I’m feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Also, I sense there’s a detoxifying process going on in my body, which is great. And even already I have a reduced desire to eat biscuits and sweet stuff that I really don’t need.

    So overall I’m a complete convert and will be ordering more from you. Having tried Ormus Gold, I want to also try your Ormus M3 as well, just in case the results are even better! The order will be on its way very soon.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your work and research on this topic is very much appreciated. It’s started me off researching how else I can use ormus to improve the health of my pets and plants as well. I’ll keep you posted!
    Thanks again.
    Yours sincerely,

  2. Mac (verified owner)

    I’ve only been aware of ormus for just over a year now and have been taking it for about that period with some life-enhancing results. I’ve felt so much better taking your Ormus Gold. Apart from a positive change in sleep patterns and general increased awareness, I think it’s had a very positive effect on my overall health. I’ve found my physical strength returning and I’ve been able to keep up an almost daily gym fitness regime!

  3. A.H. (verified owner)

    Because I’ve felt so much better taking your Ormus Gold, I’ve started putting a few drops into the water bowl my pets use with some very interesting results. I have four cats and three dogs: the cats have all started getting much more affectionate, demanding much more individual attention and seem to be purring much louder than before. One of my dogs, Judy, a collie/labrador cross, a 15-year old rescue dog, has only been with me since April last year when her previous owner died. She’s partially deaf and her mobility is somewhat impaired but she’s a lovely dog who meets and greets everyone she encounters. Since I started giving her ormus, she has perked up considerably, her mobility has improved, she much enjoys her daily walks (which are now romps) and even her hearing has improved! So, again, subtle but amazing results!

  4. andrew

    Again greetings from the UK! Just to let you know that your ormus is continuing to bring very positive effects to my my life and those of my pets.

    I was able to bring one of our pet turkeys back from the brink with your Ormus Gold – he had a bad attack of worms in his gut and was in a poor state and, as it took several days for the vets here to analyse the faeces before they could prescribe the right medication, I started giving him pipettes of Ormus Gold which got him pretty much back to normal before the medication finally arrived! That killed off the remaining gut worms but he was well on the way back to recovery even before we started him on the treatment. So yes another positive result! Click here to see the turkey before and after ormus: https://humannagold.com/ormus-for-pets-lets-talk-turkey-cats-and-dogs/.

    As I need to order some more ormus from you, and as you mentioned in an earlier email that you offer dowsing for the best ormus at any given time, I wonder if you might be able to do that for me?

    Thanks, Andrew

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