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Ormus Sea Water is a gentle way to increase many of our missing ormic minerals.



Ormus Sea Water is a gentle way to increase many of our missing ormic minerals. The ormic state of matter has come to the forefront as many of the materials needed for a healthy life both physically and spiritually.

Being seawater-based creatures we find that the sea resonates with our material bodies. Our tears perfectly match sea water. Our blood is so close to sea water that many lives were saved in the second world war, with transfusions of filters seawater when blood supplies were unavailable.

Everything ends up in the sea where it is thoroughly mixed by the ocean. We are constructed of the materials that naturally exist in seawater and it is interesting that the ratios of minerals and nutrients appear to be correct for most life on the planet.

When using ormus materials in this mix we enable our body to capitalize on many of the materials missing in the conventional diet. It also gently allows our body to replace many of the materials lost by our ever increasing exposure electro-magnetic frequencies.

The movies “Take Back Your Power” and “Resonance Beings” offer more information on the EMF’s.

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2 reviews for Ormus Sea Water

  1. Victoria Powell

    I purchased this Ormus Sea Water from Humannagold yesterday. I could definitely feel a change in my energy after taking a teaspoon yesterday. I took a teaspoon this morning and I feel great! I recommend giving it a try, and seeing for yourself.

  2. The Anionted

    The very first day I received my Ormus in the mail, I took it immediately. Upon taking my Ormus (as I have affectionately ave been calling it) I felt it go down into my stomach, I have never experienced a conscious delivery of any substance, not in My whole life. Then my body felt warm and I decided to take a nap. I slept for three hours. I woke up, went to the front door, opened the door and checked the mail. There was nothing. I closed the door, and stood there at the top of the landing. 30 seconds later a van pulls up and I guy has a package for me. That was three hours after taking The Gentle one, as described. I just kind of was like, right this stuff has unlocked a part of my senses. And as for the rest of the month.ive slept like a rock. And my very first dream has been the most intense real action packed dream I have ever felt. I actually felt motion, like I was there. Wow! U can’t wait to see the full power of this Ormus! Thanks HumannaGold!

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