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Ormus and GANS Interview with 21st Century Superhuman

In this recent interview, Cary Kirastar Ellis asks Dave and Riki to describe their 13-year journey as "Ormus wizards". Prior to embarking on their life's path with Ormus, Riki was a dog groomer for 47 years. She was a vet tech into holistic healing, energy healing, reflexology, and Reiki. Researching, teaching, and making Ormus is her "retirement", which she also loves!

Dave has a mechanical, technical background. He has been a mechanic with cars and aircraft, and also engineering processes at Douglas. His specialty has always been solving electrical and mechanical problems for dealerships. For example, he was a problem-solver for one of the first electric cars that came in. Anything technical and anything different that arouses his curiosity. That's what Ormus ended up doing.

Why This Interview?

The reason for holding this interview was to discuss ways in which the sciences of Ormus and GANS/plasma can benefit each other and lead to advancing next steps for humanity's existence. This discussion encompasses everything from human health to plant health to free energy.

Dave and Riki think that Ormus may be a connector for all of these aspects, everything from Brown's Gas to alternative energy, to how light works. Each of the individual protocols tries to keep their information to themselves because it benefits them physically and financially. In the long run compartmentalizing research and researchers in order to control the science just denigrates the whole study.

Ormus and Dave's Stem Cells

Dave was able to participate in a private stem-cell study three years after a quadruple bypass. Stem cells extracted from his hip were injected into his open heart, and the stem cells helped to repair and rebuild (in fact, cleared up) the earlier damage.

At this time Dave and Riki had been making and taking just a teaspoon of Ormus every day for several years. The doctors noted from their medical tests that Dave had six times the number of stem cells than they had ever seen in anybody. In addition, those stem cells were healthier than any they had ever seen. They actually asked to keep some of the stem cells in order to experiment with them.

Ormus and Riki's Dyslexia

One of the reasons Riki worked as a dog groomer was because she was quite severely dyslexic. She was sure that working in an office would have caused her to have a nervous breakdown by the end of the first day.

Within 10 months of starting to take Ormus her dyslexia was totally gone.

Nutrition and Ormus

When asked why so many conditions clear up with Ormus, Dave and Riki say they think perhaps most problems come from nutritional deficiencies. Ormus seems to act as a tool for communication in the body and fills those gaps. For example, Riki's dyslexia was incorrect miscommunication.

Ormus and the Periodic Elements

The materials Dave and Riki use to make Ormus, like mineral-rich dead sea salts, are readily available. They believe there is probably an Ormus version of every element in the periodic table. Ormus is the chemically inert form of all of the elements. (To read more about Ormus as a 5th state of matter, click here.)

The Ormus version is the chemically inert form of an element in the periodic table. In our space and time the only elements that are inert are the inert gases. They do not chemically react with other substances. Examples are helium, neon, argon, radon, krypton and xenon.

Inert Elements and Digestion

What seems to happen is the body converts metals into their ormic form. When we digest our food it is dissolved in a pH of about 1.5, and the metals are dissolved into metallic salts. So iron, magnesium, selenium, copper and zinc get dissolved into metallic salts in this high acid area. When that's complete the material then moves toward the small intestine and the liver creates pH 10+ alkaline material. The gall bladder is the control valve and the duodenum is the port. So this material is injected into the digestive slurry and neutralizes the acidic behavior of the slurry. That acid-alkali reaction drops these metals in their chemically inert ormic form.

The body extracts these materials as they move through the rest of the digestive system. These materials are then utilized for intercellular, interbacterial and probably neural communication. Because they are chemically inert they are not available to be chemically utilized in other actions of the body. They work like the telephone poles delivering the electricity to your house. No poles, no electricity. But the poles are not sacrificed in allowing the delivery.

The ormic materials are the facilitators of the intercellular, interbacterial communication systems, and they are not used up in facilitating the delivery. We convert this material every day, every glass of water, every meal.

Why Take Ormus

Making the concentrated Ormus helps to supplement the body's system. As fields get more and more depleted, we are getting less and less metals from the foods that are growing in them.

The second side of it is we have more and more exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs). Even though these materials are chemically neutral, they are affected and repelled by both sides of the magnetic field. So we physically lose them. When you bring the cell phone to your head the wavelength is 4.8 inches, which is 2.45 gigahertz. So the initial wavelength that can cause that damage in the magnetic repulsion is about the size of a soccer ball, with half of it being inside your head. That's causing the collateral damage.

The other thing it's doing is the magnetic field of the transmitter is repelling the ormic communications materials away from that source so it is debilitating the mechanism that will clean up the collateral damage. Ormus is repelled by magnetic fields. Until they start to understand the mechanism, it is actually a double-whammy. I think right now there are 22 to 24-million brain tumors being serviced in the western world. That's why we keep putting it out there and some day the seed will take root.