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What Is Ormus: An Introduction

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Ormus Elements: Where Science and Spirit Converge

Ormus elements are atoms in an orbitally rearranged, monatomic state. Ormus appears to be a fifth state of matter: solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and ormus.

To date, at least forty-four elements, from hydrogen to potassium to gold, have been observed in the ormic state.

Ormic elements are monatomic, not part of chemical compounds. They have unusual properties.

Five percent of the dry weight of the human brain and nervous system are composed of ormic elements. Ormic elements are essential to the structure and function of all living things.

There is considerable evidence that ancient societies utilized elements in their ormic state. These materials have been called by various names at different times, but their properties are recognizable from their descriptions.

Monatomic Elements

Ormus is the name for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic elements. The ormic state contains "high spin", "Cooper paired" electrons.

Ormus Materials

Ormus materials represent an epiphany in nutrition and health.

These materials are absolutely critical to all living things. Ormus materials do not chemically bond with other materials but are necessary as chemical facilitators and assume a role of governance and orchestration within our bodies. They appear to be essential nutrients.

It is believed that elements were the simplest form of purified material on earth. They were broken down to the simplest possible form and isolated in a pure substance.

The periodic table is the list of elements in their order of complexity and is arranged from the simplest hydrogen atom with one proton and one electron to uranium with some 260 component electrons, protons and neutrons.

It is believed that the structure of each element consists of a grouping of protons and neutrons in the centre with increasing size electron rings orbiting the central core as the element gets larger and moves up the periodic table.

These elements are components of all the materials we use on this earth whether organic or man made. All of the substances we make are valence bonded materials. This just means that the elemental core clusters share their electron rings with other clusters and create the new substance. Sodium and Chlorine join and create sodium chloride or table salt.

Inert Gasses Unique Characteristic

Most of the elements have rings that are not completely full, thus allowing this sharing phenomenon. All of our analytical equipment measures these valence bonding characteristics. Some of the so called inert gasses have full and balanced rings. Their unique characteristic is that they do not bond well with anything, hence their name "inert".

All of these elemental materials exist as a solid, liquid or gas depending on their temperature. Some of these materials become plasmas at super cold temperatures and have some different behavioural characteristics.

This brings us to the ormus state of being. In the ormus state the atoms do not bond and cannot be measured by conventional analysis equipment. Ormus materials attain a high spin energized state. There is still not a great deal about known about this. Atoms are considered to be round but in the ormus energized state the atoms are believed to rotate so quickly that they deform and lengthen and roughly resemble the shape of a bow tie.

Photons Of Light

When this state is achieved the atom of matter becomes a photon of light. It cannot bond with matter as it is no longer matter, it is light. This concept raises an important opportunity for further research.

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