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Ormus FAQ

We have put together a series of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about Ormus. If you have any other additions questions or comments, please send us a message via our contact page.

Which Ormus product is best for me?

You are changing all of the time. The best product for you today might not be the best one for you tomorrow or next year. Each of us is different. There is no single product which is best for all people.

Some products may be better for certain conditions than others but, at this point, we do not know which product is best for which condition.

Your best bet for finding a product which works well for you is to try several different products. Have someone muscle test you on each of them.

What size are your Ormus bottles?

Our Ormus comes in an overfilled 8oz bottle, measuring in at closer to 10oz.

What is the difference between ORMUS, m-state and ORME?

The three terms above all mean pretty much the same thing but they originated in different situations.

I learned how to make the white precipitate from the Essene on May 18, 1997. He called all of the white precipitates from various sources m-state. These sources included the white precipitate from the Wet Method on ocean water or Dead Sea salt and the white precipitate from the Sodium Burn on metallic gold and black sand. He also referred to David Hudson's products as m-state and, when I told him of the ORMUS products that Jim made from metal using ozone we both spoke of these substances as being m-state materials.

Just prior to my first visit with the Essene we set up a "private" email list to evaluate and promote various ORMUS production methods. The folks on this list (about 60 people) agreed to the following wording of the ORMUS method document after nearly a year of experimentation and discussion:

"Since Hudson has patented his process for obtaining and identifying these elements, we would like to suggest that the terms ORMUS and m-state be used when referring to this state of matter."

It was our intention to honor Hudson by using his term "ORMUS" and to honor the Essene by using his term "M-State". Both of these terms were originally used to cover all of these elements as they occur in a non-metallic form in nature.

We rejected the use of the acronym ORME (which stands for Orbitally Re-arranged Monoatomic Element) because there was no good scientific evidence that these materials were orbitally re-arranged or monatomic. I still have not seen any evidence of this.

Are there any books on Ormus?

Yes! We have put together a book list for your further research. Click here to access it.

Why does ORMUS "dislike" magnetic fields?

In his Tampa workshop David Hudson said:

1:47:35 | "I've found that there are four substances that pin these high spin atoms and take them back to the low spin state. Those substances are sulfites (SO3), carbon and carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and short wavelength radiation (deep ultraviolet or shorter). That's what caused this stuff to explode in sunlight, I found out later. So there are four major things which cause this to go back to the low spin state. So, actually, in your body there are four things which cause this to go back to the low spin state. So that in your body it kills the light. It causes them to go back to the low spin state."

1:48:15 | "I will say that when nitric oxide interreacts with these elements, taking them back to the low spin state, that it does involve a phenomenon called electron annihilation. And the actual nitric oxides instead of being nitrogen 14 becomes radioactive carbon 14 when that occurs. So that in your body, when dying you are producing radioactive carbon 14. It gets in your body a different way than they tell you it does. When Jim learned this he realized that his ozone was probably doing something similar and that is why he had the fibers of gold grow inside his hands."

Based on these experiences Jim designed the first magnetic traps to get ORMUS to levitate out of ordinary ground water. The traps work on the principle that the ORMUS in the water is repelled by the magnetic fields in the trap. Jim also did another experiment in which he pulsed a very high energy magnetic field under concentrated ORMUS liquid. This liquid "boiled like gasoline" though it was not warm at all. We postulate that the gas coming off of the liquid was ORMUS vapor.

From these and other experiences we hypothesized that the Meissner effect on the ORMUS causes it to retreat from electromagnetic fields. We believe that this effect is energizing for the ORMUS at first but that when it reaches a certain level (Hc2) the Meissner effect breaks down and the superconductive ORMUS drops toward a metallic state. Don Nance demonstrated this by drying sea water precipitate on an electric burner, or by exposing it to UV light, or by microwaving it in a microwave oven. In each case, there was an increase in the metallic content of the precipitate which further increased over a period of six months.

Based on all of this, we have concluded that ORMUS is energized at first when exposed to high energy electromagnetic fields but is later moved toward the metallic state as the field exposure continues. Since we don't have any way to identify the break over point, we recommend that you avoid exposing ORMUS to sunlight or electromagnetic fields.

This would include things like cordless phones, cell phones, bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, electric burners, wireless networks and high voltage electric lines. I also try to avoid hanging out in line with the axis of spin of motors, hard drives and electric generators.

How can I get some of the monoatomic White Powder Gold?

It has not been conclusively demonstrated whether the strange materials David Hudson identified are monatomic or not. Some scientists have suggested that the only way they could have the properties that they have is if they are di-atomic or greater.

Since we do not wish to prejudice the scientific process we have decided not to call them monatomic unless this issue is resolved. Instead we call them m-state or ORMUS elements. The "m" in m-state could mean monatomic, microcluster or even manna. You can read a scientist's explanation of why these elements should not be monatomic click here.

Apparently, David Hudson used the term "White Powder Gold" as a generic term for all of the precious metal elements in their m-state form. Hudson never made very much of the white powder of gold because his ore source had relatively little m-gold in it.

David Hudson's colleague who did the 41 day fast was using a powder composed of several m-state elements with less than 1% of the powder being white gold. The current thinking of most experts, including Hudson, is that once the m-state is dried out into a powder it is much less easy for the body to assimilate.

It is possible to purchase m-state gold in a relatively pure form as a wet precipitate. Many of the people who have tried the m-state gold for a length of time do not like it for a variety of reasons. Some feel that it makes them lethargic. Some feel that it puts them so much in the moment that they forget to do the things which are important to make their lives work. One long-term researcher claims that the m-gold "locks" a person into their present condition, whatever that may be.

The easiest way to get m-state gold is to use the Wet Method on Dead Sea salt as the resulting precipitate is claimed to be 70% m-gold and 30% magnesium.

Will the "good stuff," the real White Powder Gold, allow me to ascend?

People are always asking about the ability of the white powder of gold to act as a sort of "enlightenment pill." An "enlightenment pill" would be some substance that would cause any person who takes it to instantly transcend, ascend, awaken or "see" God.

Belief in the concept of an enlightenment pill seems to be rooted in the deeper belief that enlightenment can come from outside of the self. This belief is almost the same as the belief that someone else is responsible for the mess that "I" am in right now.

Let's imagine that the ORMUS elements can improve the connection to spirit. Now, let's pretend that each of us is actually responsible for everything which has ever happened to us. Imagine that you are responsible for the manifestation of what you want and also responsible for the manifestation of what you don't want, in your life.

If the ORMUS elements are a connecting medium between "spirit and mind/matter" then they might work sort of like the air which connects us with the resonance of sound. I can speak and, if the air is thick enough to sustain life, you can hear what I say.

If the air is thicker, like at sea level, the sound of my voice will travel faster and clearer than if the air is thinner, like on a mountain top. This is the reason that you can hear a train coming, by putting your ear to the iron rail, long before you can hear the train through the air. The denser the substance the faster sound will travel through it. ORMUS would be a very dense medium for carrying our thoughts and feelings.

Now imagine that you are standing on a ledge in the Grand Canyon. You shout out a word and a few seconds later the echo comes back to you. It startles you because it seems like someone else is standing next to you and has shouted back the same thing that you shouted. Perhaps you shouted out "I love you" or perhaps you shouted out "I hate you".

The Grand Canyon is so big that the echo is delayed a long time. This makes it seem that the echo you hear is coming from someone else. If you hear the words "I love you" you feel really good about yourself but if you hear the words "I hate you" you might become frightened because you think that someone wishes to harm you.

If the ORMUS elements are a medium of communication between mind and spirit they would bring us back the echo of whatever we are thinking about ourselves.

Suppose you had two bells outside your front door. One of these bells sounds wonderful and the other sounds horrible. The wonderful sounding bell attracts laughing, happy children to your front door and the horrible sounding bell attracts violent, vicious criminals to your door.

Now suppose that the wonderful bell rings whenever you think about what you want and the horrible bell rings whenever you think about what you don't want. What would happen if the air, which carries the sound of the bell, suddenly became thicker. What if it became infinitely thick so that every thought would instantly manifest those things that were in resonant harmony with it.

I think that this is what happens with ORMUS, especially the "good stuff." I think it carries the resonance of our thoughts and beliefs and brings back the echo of their manifestation very quickly. If this is true then here is a way to tell if you are ready for the "good stuff".

First, examine your life--do things you don't like ever happen to you? Would you be happier if these things were intensified and more instantly connected to the thoughts that called them in? Conversely, notice how regularly the things you do like happen to you. When you wake up in the morning do you contemplate your day with delicious anticipation or do you dread going to work? Which bell do you ring as you go out your front door?

Your beliefs are habits, which ORMUS will not change. When you take ORMUS it does not steal your free choice. It does not make you think only of what you want and prevent you from thinking of what you don't want. You still can choose which bell you are going to ring with each thought. Are you sure you always think of your angels and never think of your demons--for whichever you think of you will manifest in your life and this manifestation will only be hastened and heightened by the ingestion of the "good stuff".

FAQ answers provided by Dave Kane.