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How To Document Your Ormus Journey

There are many ways to document your Ormus journey and we have put together some ideas that you may want to use. Feel free to use the parts from this list that you find more helpful. We love to hear your before and after stories as well.

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Documenting these changes in yourself and contributing them to the Ormus community helps others who are wanting to learn more about Ormus and try it for themselves.

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Documenting your Ormus journey:

1. List all of your existing health problems and get a medical checkup which will document the existence of these problems.

2. Photograph every part of the body that might change with ORMUS ingestion. The following areas are particularly suggested:

  • The face including details of wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Hair color. Get good close ups of any hair which has become gray.
  • Hair growth patterns and thickness (this would include baldness and hair loss)
  • Both sides of both hands.
  • Any scars, skin cancers or skin conditions like psoriasis or shingles.
  • Swollen joints like finger joints, knees, wrists and elbows.
  • Any broken or cracked teeth and visible cavities.
  • A good picture of the spine which might show any spinal misalignment.
  • A picture which shows the whole body profile.
  • A picture which shows the whole body from the front.
  • A picture which shows the whole body from behind.

Note: The last three pictures would reveal hip rotations, differences in leg or arm lengths or other posture problems and should be taken with little or no clothing on to see the effects. You may wish to take photos which show breast size and position as both conditions have been known to change with the use of Ormus substances.

These pictures can be taken with a digital camera, a disposable film camera, a video camera or a regular film camera. Every person will not need to take every picture. Just take pictures of those areas where change might happen.

3. Make tracings of the feet and hands. Some people have reported that their fingers and toes have gotten longer.

4. Measure your height. This should be done immediately after rising from bed in the morning as this is the time of maximum height during the day. Some people may get as much as 1.5 inches shorter over the course of the day. Several people have reported ORMUS related changes in their height. One woman has gotten 3.5" taller at the age of 53!

5. Check the pH of your saliva and urine first thing in the morning and last thing at night for a week before starting with a new ORMUS product.

6. Document changes in frequency, color, odor and ease of urination.

7. Document any changes in stool softness, regularity, color and whether it floats or not.

8. Document any changes in the sound you hear when things are quiet. Many people have reported that they hear a sound in their head after using Ormus for a while. This sound is called the "hu" or "nada". Notice any changes in the frequency of this sound, it's intensity or the nature of the sound.

9. Document any noticeable changes in tooth pain, new teeth, tooth alignment, filling in of cavities or other changes in the teeth.

10. Women should document any changes in their period including changes in the level of menstrual cramping, PMS, periodicity changes, flow levels and resumption of menstruation after menopause.

11. Everyone should document changes in sexual response or orgasm intensity.

12. Some people have noticed that it is easier to quit addictive behaviours like smoking or other drug use. If you have any such addictions it would be helpful to document how those addictions change with the use of ORMUS.

13. Hair analysis can reveal mineral deficiencies over time. Before and after hair analysis would be helpful.

14. Blood tests can reveal immune system changes and/or cancer indicators. If you think that these things might be changing with your ORMUS ingestion it will be helpful to get copies of these tests from your doctor.