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Ormus for Pets: Let’s Talk Turkey, Cats, and Dogs!

This month we want to share some welcome news from an ormus customer in the UK! Andrew says our ormus continues to bring very positive effects to his life and those of his pets.

Here is what he told us:

I was able to bring one of our pet turkeys back from the brink with your Ormus Gold. He had a bad attack of worms in his gut and was in a poor state and, as it took several days for the vets here to analyse the faeces. Before they could prescribe the right medication, I started giving him pipettes of Ormus Gold. This got him pretty much back to normal before the medication finally arrived! That killed off the remaining gut worms. But he was well on the way back to recovery even before we started him on the treatment. So yes another positive result!

Here are the photos Andrew sent. What a wonderful transformation in that poor, sick turkey. Go ormus for pets!

Turkey Before Ormus

Turkey After Ormus

By the way, the rest of Andrew's pet family is no stranger to the benefits of ormus either! 

Here's what he had to say about his experience sharing ormus with his cats and dogs:

Because I've felt so much better taking your Ormus Gold, I've started putting a few drops into the water bowl my pets use with some very interesting results.

I have four cats and three dogs. The cats have all started getting much more affectionate. They demand much more individual attention and seem to be purring much louder than before.

One of my dogs is Judy, a collie/labrador cross. She is a 15-year old rescue dog and has only been with me since April last year when her previous owner died. She's partially deaf and her mobility is somewhat impaired. But she's a lovely dog who meets and greets everyone she encounters.

Since I started giving her ormus, she has perked up considerably. Her mobility has improved, she much enjoys her daily walks (which are now romps). Even her hearing has improved! So, again, subtle but amazing results!