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Ormus, Iridescence, Metallic Glass, Anti-Gravity, and More!

The Phenomenon of Iridescence

Riki & Dave have been working with ormus materials for 12 years. They make products the reader can try out for themselves. They have found some very important peculiarities as they continued to research materials. One peculiarity they found and studied a couple of years ago is the phenomenon of iridescence.

Iridescence is seen in insects and birds, and iridescent materials appear to have anti-gravitational properties. You can find more information on this topic by researching Victor Grebennikov, an entomologist in Russia who did a lot of studies.

Grebennikov found that insects that mathematically had wings too small to fly nonetheless could fly. The insect extracts the ormic materials from the environment and lines the inside of its exoskeleton. When the insect beats its wings, they become the resonant frequency that activates the levitation properties of the ormic material. In the case of ormus iridium, for example, this causes the insect to lose 4/9ths of its body weight

Ormus is a 5th State of Matter

Ormus materials are actually a 5th state of matter for any element of the periodic table that is inert. It is the completely, chemically non-reactive of elements of the periodic table. Inert gases -- neon, zeon, krypton, etc. -- are naturally in this condition, where they do not react chemically with anything.

What appears to be the purpose of these materials for living matter is that they are the facilitators of our internal messaging system -- that's our neural, inter-cellular communication systems and our inter-bacterial communication systems. Because they are not chemically combinable, they are the facilitators that allow the internal messaging systems to function. This is true of plants, animals and people.

Metallic Glass

Metallic Glass Macro Beatrice Murch

This additional focus on iridescent behavior part has added a curious new aspect to Dave & Riki's study of ormus materials. They began researching this about 3 years ago at an antique show in Ohio when we accidentally discovered a book called Metallic Glass. When David Hudson was researching metallic glass, they extracted ormus materials, heated it up to about 1800 degrees to anneal it, then cooled it extremely rapidly. Instead of congealing into a powder it congealed into a rose-colored crystal stone.

The crystal stone sat around the lab for a few years, and somebody who had studied Chartres cathedral extensively thought this looked familiar. He took it to France and what they found was that this crystal, (which was actually condensed ormus that was rhodium, I believe) perfectly matched one of the windows in Chartres cathedral. The colors of these windows in Chartres had been regarded as healing light. They were made by the Knights Templar in around the year 1000 AD. David Hudson's group believe that a lot of these windows were ormic glass that they were producing in some similar method.

Metallic glass is a process invented in 1961 in Ohio. The guy heated up gold and silica until they fused and then he super-cooled it. What he ended up with was a material that had some iridescence to it. And it had different behavioral properties than gold. So this continued for a little while, and in 1976 there was a conference in Ohio. The purpose was to bring everyone up to date on what had been done with the exploration of metallic glass to that point. (The book with all the compiled results was printed in 1978. You might be able to find it on the internet.) What he found was that one of the properties of metallic glass is an odd iridescence to it.

Today they produce a little metallic glass commercially. Its biggest use is on golf clubs, because it seems to have a lesser ability to absorb the impact of the ball so it will go further. That's as far as anyone has gone with it commercially.

If you Google metallic glass videos, you will find an interesting video. There's a fellow who has two glass or plastic tubes on a desk. One has a piece of stainless steel on the bottom of it. The other one has a piece of metallic glass stainless steel that has been heated up and super-cooled.

The difference in the properties is interesting. When he drops a ball bearing on the sheet of stainless steel it will bounce 14-16 times. When he drops it on the amorphic, irregularly constructed surface it will bounce for about two minutes.

Their scientific conclusion on this is that the metal that has been heated up is cooled so rapidly that the metallic crystalline structure is unable to reorganize itself completely, and is what they call an amorphic or irregular structure. Part of its exhibition is iridescence. They are all different. There are a lot of people looking into this.

The property they've decided causes this is that the ball bearing dropped on the amorphic structure rebounds because the surface is unable to absorb the energy of the ball bearing. That's the conclusion at this point.

What I actually think is happening is that, because this material is iridescent, and in the ormic state of the elemental material, the neutral material is encased into this metallic crystalline structure. Because of its rapid rate of cooling it is actually anti-gravitationally feeding back to the ball bearing. Nobody is looking into this that I am aware of.

When you look at iridescence in insects we know they lose their weight and they mathematically should not be able to fly, but they can. Pretty much all insects have compound eyes. All compound eyes have iridescent material in them. In fact, all our eyes do too. These are materials that are not regarded as anything but colors, and yet they are able to process light and various other aspects of what we are and what nature is. And, again, no one is looking into this.

There's a recurring pattern of behavior that emerged as Dave and Riki begin to study this more. Birds have iridescent feathers, and birds likely have iridescent materials incorporated into their structure, as do we. It's in our eyes, for sure, and probably other places. So that gives us the ability to process light at different levels of our physical structure.

So there's a very physical side to this. One of the other things when Dave and Riki were searching to find out what else had iridescent materials in it and potential anti-gravitational properties is the fact that the pyramids were built out of granite. Granite has a large amount of iridescent characteristics within the various particles and constructions of the granite itself.

Anti-Gravitation and Iridescence

In the 1970s a man named David Hamill was building anti-gravitational engines in British Columbia and Ontario. A book was written about him called The Granite Man and the Butterfly. He was manufacturing various components of these engines out of red granite found in Ontario. This was all information that was given to him. He had a 5th-grade education and was in the Army back in in the war. He passed away at 84, but a lot of his information is sort of contributory to this as well.

A lot of what we are doing with our research is looking for bits and pieces that start to cross-reference each other. When you start to look at things like the pyramids with the iridescent material having anti-gravitational properties, Dave and Riki believe that these things can be activated by sonic frequencies that will activate these resonant cavities that will act in opposition to gravity.

View of the Granite Temple, Sphinx, and the Great Pyramid of Gîzeh from 1885

Many people know about Coral Castle in Florida, built by Edward Leedskalnin. They talked about these cones he was using--again resonant frequencies. What he was lifting wasn't granite. It was limestone cuttings from Florida. Limestone comes from the shells of sea creatures. You have mother of pearl, all these other things with endless iridescent properties. It looks like the same thing was probably going on at that point.

Michael Tellinger looks at some of this stuff running back in history. He has a fairly good video on the continual appearance of these cones well back into Egypt and South Africa. Somehow these have something to do with resonant frequencies, and resonant frequencies can be controlled. Again, insects do it with their wings.

There are many stories of the Tibetan Buddhists literally raising rocks for buildings with their chants and probably sonically activating the anti-gravitational properties of these granites -- look what the Himalayas are made out of.

Dave and Riki investigated this entire area in Google and other so-called resources and could find nothing. Dave looks in Google about all of these peculiar things they are researching and all he finds is himself. It doesn't give him any answers.

Following is a potential explanation for how these ancient technologies could have contributed to the construction of the pyramids and likely a lot of these other constructions around the world. It is as simple as sound-activated anti-gravitational properties. They get into this from the ormus materials, Brown's gas. Ormus oxygen and ormus hydrogen are actually Brown's gases. Again, they have peculiar properties. Everything they have been taught works in reverse when you begin to look at anti-gravitational stuff, the way Brown's gas functions -- it's completely opposite of what we're taught.

Oxyacetylene torches work by discharging heat and heating up what you're working with. Brown's gas torches work in reverse. They only have a 269 degree flame and what they do is excite the material you want to weld or work with and draw the energy back into the torch.

Brown's gas doesn't explode, it implodes. Again, they are ormus oxygen and ormus hydrogen. Materials in this 5th state of matter endlessly and continuously exhibit behaviors that are absolutely opposite of everything we've been taught by our education system.

So Dave and Riki study ormus and ormus materials from a kind of sideshow. Dave's background is technical, mechanic production work, products, things like that. Riki's work has been very much on the spiritual side, a place where Dave feels really devoid. Their relationship has allowed them to look at both sides of this. Dave is used to working with tools, and Riki is his best tool. He know how to work with these tools, and says it's just incredible.

How Dave and Riki Research Ormus

Dave and Riki have been doing research for 12 years. There were no books even on ormus when they started this, there has really been no information anywhere. So they set up a process of dowsing where they formulate the questions and go through the dowsing process. The dowsing has led them in the right direction continuously. Invariably, cross-references come, sometimes a week, a month, a year, three years down the road. It's really interesting because for 12 years it has absolutely proven to be the way to do this.

All humans have the ability to do these things. We are the dowsing tool. All these other things are focal point instruments to use what we already are. We have everything we need within us. We do not need to go outside of us. When we look inside we start to draw what we need to us.

Dave ran into a problem. He would start downloading this information and he would be working all day, and then all night, and then all the next day. He was getting so ridiculously tired with all this information coming and he said to Riki one day, "I can't do this any more." And she said, "Oh, just tell your guides to give it to you at the speed you can handle it." So he did and it was fixed just like that.

So we have these communication avenues within us. And whatever your interest or your passion is, these things will come to you. Just don't doubt them. The whole process of ascension is changing our thinking from controlling to allowing.

It doesn't matter what culture you come from. Cultures are for the purpose of getting babies in line in whatever part of the world they come from. We have to just learn to undo our cultures and open our minds and look at these things.

So Dave and Riki hope that by talking a little bit about iridescence they can get people thinking about it. Because there are definite results to be had from this procedure of questioning and reasoning. Whatever the culture, whatever the background, you might be able to look back in history to see where iridescence was valued. For example pearls, shells. A lot of the answers are in the traditions of why certain things were valued in that culture. We have all this information about us and around us. We don't need to dig outside for it. It's there if you just think about your culture.

Dave & Riki work with ormus gold. Their background culture is European. When they started to look at the stories from their culture, they found the leprechaun and the pot of gold, that everything King Midas touched turned to gold, and the goose laid the golden egg. A lot of this stuff has been in our culture for hundreds of years. Why is gold so important?

In one of Zecharia Sitchin's books he translated the Sumerian tablets. It said the Anunnaki came to earth to mine gold because its atmosphere was depleted. Now what kind of translation from an ancient tablet is that?

Dave & Riki started looking into it and realized that earth's natural cloud is ormus. Precipitating out of the moisture in the atmosphere, and when it rains we get water and we get ormus together. Because if you take any rain water source, split it in two and microwave one part, the water that comes out of the microwave will no longer support life. If it is used on plants, the plants will die, because the magnetic field has repelled the ormus messaging material out of the water. It's an easy experiment -- you can do this at home. This is how things work.

Another thing Dave & Riki have discovered with plants is a field called tetryonics. This theory was developed by a gentleman named Kelvin in Australia about 11 years ago. He had to explain particles to his 13-year-old son for school and the discussion was not going well. He looked into particles to find a good way to explain them and realized that none of the explanations made sense to him either. The model we are taught in school about the neutron, proton, electron, marble theory that was created in 1897 fits less and less today.

Kelvin reasoned that the smallest particle on the planet, according to conventional science, is a quark. A quark is a triangle. On each point of that triangle there is an electric or a magnetic positive or negative. If you rotate that quark, the opposite is on the other side, which keeps it steady. When you put two quarks together you now have a diamond-shaped photon. This is light. This is how our energy comes from the sun.

What all plants do is collect copper, and they concentrate the copper around the chloroplast, where the plant produces its food. Anywhere there is a metal, there is an ormic field of the neutral metal around it. Depending on the dynamics of the atmosphere, the magnetic field, etc., these materials are switching back and forth between the metallic state and the ormic state.

Now, what plants do within this field of the ormus copper, which is where they produce their food, they take these photons of light and they fold them together into tetrahedrons of matter. Plants convert two-dimensional light into three-dimensional matter within the ormic field of copper. That's why they are literally building the planet. That's why something that happened a hundred years ago is three feet below ground. That's what's happening. They are building the earth from the top of it by converting light into plant material.

Dave and Riki have given plants ormus at their home. One of the interesting things that happens when plants are given ormus is that they become much more prolific and develop larger leaves, larger plants. For example, here are photographs that  show side-by-side comparisons of walnut trees planted at the same time. The ones on the right were treated with ormus water. The one on the left was simply watered normally.

Walnut Trees Watered with Ormus

And here are close-ups of the walnuts these trees produced:

Compare Walnuts from Trees Watered with Ormus to Walnuts Given Plain Water

When you look at ormus treated plants in the sun you will start to see these odd little flecks of iridescence in the leaves, and even a little iridescence in the flowers. So, again we are back to this continuously recurring appearance of iridescent materials. And yet when you look iridescence up it's just a bland explanation of next to nothing. Definitions don't really work -- if you look up the meaning of definition it is to set limitations and parameters of a word. So when you limit everything it basically impedes your forward moving process.

Ormus is ingestible, or it can be applied directly to the skin. Dave and Riki make several different Ormus ingestibles that are derivatives from different salts in sea water. With the magnesium spray, the Ormus is mixed with magnesium oil because it's water based and the magnesium oil will take it through the skin.

Dave and Riki view their job as helping viable people to become more viable. The presentation of information and physically helping people to get rid of things that impede their forward progress is what they do.

The reason ormus is not better known is because scientists are trained through conventional protocols. It is easy to assume that what we have been taught is all there is to know. Yet what we are taught by education systems worldwide is often inaccurate or incomplete. Dave and Riki's definition of a "fact" is something that two people agree to look no further into.

Everything we think we know should be examined to see what more there is. We can look at it through our experience, intelligence, examples, presentations, and through our history -- looking back through our cultures.

Again, dowsing is the best tool for today and of the future because it circumvents all the controlling of information. So it is part of our relationship with God, part of what we are. Churches and religions are intermediaries. They mean well but the dogmas get in the way.

Ormus material in Egypt was called "shewbread" or "the precious stone." The Arabs called it "Mfktz," and in the Bible it was called "manna." Today we call it "ormus" or "monatomic gold." The American military-industrial complex simply calls it "exotic matter." You cannot patent this material. Parts of it have been classified and it will be removed from you if you try. That's the status now.