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She Was Finally Able To Sleep After Years

I recently had a visit from friend who told me they had been struggling with sleep for years.

At night they would try to get to bed, but could never stay asleep more than an hour or so – they had tried everything they could think of but were plagued by this interrupted sleep every single night. During the day they were overtired and feeling so frustrated.

I asked if I could test them for Ormus and recommended one of our varieties, giving them a teaspoon to try right away.

Within the next half hour, her whole demeanor began to change – we were sitting in my living room and she moved to the corner of my couch, grabbed a pillow, and fell asleep. She slept the entire afternoon, eventually waking around dinner, looking so surprised and refreshed.

She has since told me that each night she has been getting the most fantastic sleep with zero interruptions – waking each morning so happy and vibrant!

I knew this was a story I had to share with you!

If you would like to be tested for what type of Ormus would best support you, please send an email to and we will be in touch. Thank you!