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ORMUS Sea Water X8 Concentrate

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This Seawater X concentrate has hopefully all the minerals naturally in the sea water as well as the Ormic minerals.


The reasoning behind Ormus Sea Water X8 is this. During our research we found studies in Northern Europe indicating significant improvements in cognizance and memory in Alzheimers patients with injections of Indium Sulphate.

Indium is a fairly uncommon metal occurring world wide in about the same as silver. It is quite rare in most foods though it is more prevalent in kelp and dulse (aquatic plants). Most people do not eat these plants.

Further research led to reports that most North Americans have no measurable amounts of Indium by the age of 25. Wondering why this was we eventually found that Indium had a natural affinity for flouride. Flouride either bonds with our micro amounts of Indium and renders it useless or it ties the Indium up and makes it unavailable.

This particular ormus is made from pure filtered from off of Catalina Island in the Pacific. The water is drawn from 100 feet (30 meters) below the surface. Pollutants usually either float or sink. Today the residual Fukashima contaminants are showing up on west coast beaches as the floating jetsam is dropped on the beach as the water settles through it. Beware that beach surface radiation levels are more than 20 times background in some places.

It is important to know that in many ways we are seawater based creatures. Our tears are the same as seawater, that is why your eyes don’t sting when you jump into the ocean, because the salt and mineral contents match. Also in England they now use pure seawater for some transfusions as all the necessary minerals are present in sea water. They were doing this with cattle 25 years previous to human instances.

This Sea Water X8 concentrate has hopefully all the minerals naturally in the sea water as well as the Ormic minerals. We are seeing some interesting improvements in health in many aspects as customers relate their experiences.

One gentleman reports a 40-year case of psoriasis about 80 percent gone in 9 days and the rest gone by 2 months. Obviously some mineral deficiency was addressed.